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Original Nut Munks

Pants Pants Revolution!
"Why don't The Evil just get jobs like the rest of us?"
88.5 the bomb, a hard day's night, a tribe called quest, adam goldberg, album cover art, all the real girls, all_the_umbrellas_in_london, alton brown, anotherloverholenyohead, artesania mexicana, bacon, banana yoshimoto, bar matchbooks, bastard_sons_of_steve_mcqueen, beastie boys in tuxedos, ben lee, bjork, blueberries for sal, bus tokens, calaveras de azucar, carlos fuentes, chilaquiles en salsa verde, chilly willy, chris makepeace's hair, chunking express, cinema paradiso, claudia cardinale, coyoacan, cream cheese, dazed and confused, dmsr, don kevlar, droopy dog, ed's redeeming qualities, elote, elvis costello, ex votos, existenz, freckles, freshly-made beds, g. love, ginger dressing, grease 2, green olives on pizza, guy pearce, hal sparks, holland dozier holland, human traffic, i_can't_live_without_my_radio, ice cream castles, jake brown, jason london, john arne riise, keenlyobserved.com, kit-kat dark, la di da di, las dos fridas, le grand magistery, let's pretend we're married, liverpool fc, lyle lovett, maneki neko, marcel boucher watches, matt mahaffey, mightygirl.net, miller's crossing, mokume gane, morgan stewart's coming home, morningstar farms buffalo wings, mr. boomba, mr. quincampoix, nataliedee.com, new edition, ninety-seven ex, notta pasta, okayplayer, on the good foot, popcorn, prince, randall "pink" floyd, raspberry zingers, restaurant matches, rftw, ripe mangoes w/chile, robert mccloskey, samuel smith's oatmeal stout, san mateo tlaltenango, small zocalos, stevie wonder, tex avery, the goonies, the lucksmiths, the phrase 'cantar oaxaca', the postal service, the smell of zippos, the state, the young ones, todd barry, torch songs, toys kids leave behind, true romance, tzatziki sauce, veronica mars, view askew, vintage neon motel signs, walter matthau, walter mosley, wiley wiggins, woxy.com, you'll never walk alone, zapp, zihuatanejo